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          Pneumatic control valves are closely related to our lives

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          Pneumatic control valves are closely related to our lives

          When you talk about pneumatic control valves, it may be that if you are not a professional, you don't understand what it is and what it does. But if I say the industry related to it, you may not be stranger. Pneumatic control valve is one of the industrial process control instruments widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises. The combination meter formed after commissioning is usually connected by a pneumatic actuator and a regulating valve. It can be seen that the pneumatic regulating valve is not a strange and distant vocabulary. It is closely related to our life. With the existence of a pneumatic regulating valve, all aspects of our life can be carried out smoothly.

          It is also because the role played by the pneumatic regulating valve is so important, and its quality requirements must be refined.

          Control valve selection

          Selection of structural form: steam flow control should select single valve seat; large diameter, large flow, low pressure difference should choose butterfly valve, but the leakage is large at this time; when the medium is high pressure, high pressure regulating valve should be selected; Sewage, prevent valve blockage, optional angle control valve; optional three-way control valve for water volume or water temperature adjustment of heat exchanger.

          Selection of regulating valve diameter: When using double-position regulating valve, the valve diameter can be directly selected according to the pipe diameter; in other cases, the valve capacity should be determined according to the maximum flow rate of the medium and the valve pressure drop to calculate the flow capacity Kv value.